Cuala Foundation works with vulnerable youth, women and communities in Ireland and the U.S. – those whose voices aren’t often heard – to transform lives by learning, creating and celebrating culture together. Taking an intersectional and strategic approach we produce strengths-based programs and projects that invite participants to celebrate Irish and other cultures in an exchange that forefronts cultural wellbeing.

Cuala Express Yourself Project in Rialto, Summer 2018

Cuala Express Yourself Project in Monaghan, Summer 2018

Our vision is one of transformative social change: through our current and evolving cultural projects and programs we grow opportunities for youth, women and vulnerable communities that enliven participants with a revitalized sense of value, meaning and purposeful engagement.

Cuala Express Yourself Project in Donegal, Summer 2018

Our projects and programs aim over time to amplify voices that have not always been at the forefront of Irish cultural expression. We believe that including these voices is essential for a richer and more diverse understanding of what it means to be Irish. Recognizing that culture has often seemed to be something in the hands of a few, we seek to place Ireland at the forefront of expanding new discussion around access, participation, production and co-creation.